OSB Professional Liability Fund

Staff Directory

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Amy Hoven Claims Attorney Claims
Barbara Fishleder Director of Personal & Practice Management Assistance Practice Management View Details »
Betty Lou Morrow Chief Financial Officer Accounting View Details »
Bradley Tompkins Claims Attorney Claims
Carolyn Shearer Administrative Supervisor Administration
Cindy Hill Executive Assistant CEO View Details »
Cyndi Cruz Accounting Accounting
Danae Crook Claims Assistant Claims
DeAnna Shields Loss Prevention Assistant Practice Management View Details »
Emilee Preble Lead Underwriter Excess Program View Details »
Heather Bowman Claims Attorney Claims
Holli Houston Claims Attorney Claims
Hong Dao Practice Management Attorney Practice Management View Details »
Jason Ouellette Database Administrator Accounting
Jeff Crawford Director of Administration & Underwriting Administration View Details »
John Berge Claims Attorney Claims
Julie Weber Loss Prevention Assistant Practice Management
Kathy Medford Assessment Coordinator / Accounting Assistant Accounting
Kelly Maxwell Claims/Accounts Payable Coordinator Accounting
Kelly Schable Claims Assistant Claims
Kimarie Price Receptionist Administration
Madeleine Campbell Director of Claims Claims
Marci Sasik Claims Administrative Supervisor Claims
Margery Taylor Claims Assistant Claims
Mary Ann Alexander Claims Assistant Claims
Matthew Borrillo Claims Attorney Claims
Maureen DeFrank Claims Attorney Claims
Nancy Brown Claims Assistant Claims
Natylie Baldwin Claims Assistant Claims
Nena Cook Chief Executive Officer CEO View Details »
Olivia Cecka Receptionist Administration
Pam Stendahl Claims Attorney Claims
Patricia Nation Claims Attorney Claims
Pearl Besand General Ledger Accountant Accounting
Rachel Edwards Practice Management Attorney Practice Management View Details »
Sarah Troutt Claims Attorney Claims
Shannon Sloan Claims Assistant Claims
Sharnel Mesirow Claims Attorney Claims
Sheila Blackford Practice Management Attorney Practice Management View Details »
Tanya Hanson Loss Prevention Attorney Practice Management View Details »
Ted Cave Document Management Coordinator Administration
Tony Sabala Systems Administrator Accounting
Tracey Anderson Accounting Assistant Accounting