OSB Professional Liability Fund


The PLF Claims Department is responsible for investigating, evaluating, and administering claims involving our Covered Parties. The Claims Department is comprised of a group of Claims Attorneys who address the claims. All of the PLF Claims Attorneys have at least five years of Oregon private practice experience. When a claim is presented to the PLF, an individual Claims Attorney is assigned to the claim and manages the claim to conclusion.

If you believe you have a claim, please call the PLF at 503.639.6911. The receptionist will provide you information on how to initiate a claim. There may be applicable time deadlines.  If you have questions regarding the deadlines involved for your case, you should contact an attorney.

The PLF does not handle disciplinary complaints or other claims that are or should be directed to the Oregon State Bar.  If you believe you have a complaint that should be handled by the Oregon State Bar, please call the OSB at 503.620.0222.


No information contained on this website is intended to contradict the policies and terms specifically stated in the applicable Claims Made Plan, or the PLF bylaws and policies. If you are an Oregon attorney, please log in for more information.