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Employment Law and Conscientious Communication (Part of Learning the Ropes/Access to Justice 2016)

Employment Law and Conscientious Communication (Part of Learning the Ropes/Access to Justice 2016)

Date: 11/03/2016
Topic: Employment Law
Credit:0.5 - AJ; 0.5 - PS
OSB CLE Program No.: 558*2142

PLEASE NOTE:  This program is part of the Learning the Ropes program. If you have downloaded, streamed, or requested a recording of Learning the Ropes, this material is already included and you will not need a separate copy of it.

Even if you don'’t advise clients in this area of law, you are an employer or an employee and need to know the rights and responsibilities of each. This seminar also offers great insight on how to improve communication with colleagues and clients. Presented November 3, 2016. 



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