OSB - InPractice https://www.osbplf.org/inpractice.xml OSB - Professional Liability Fund http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss en-us Fri, 20 Sep 2019 02:45:30 -0700 podcasts@osbplf.org (OSB PLF Podcast) Fri, 20 Sep 2019 02:45:30 -0700 Using Interpreters or Translators https://osbplf.org/inpractice/using-interpreters-or-translators/ If you find yourself involved in a matter that may require the use of an interpreter or translator, below are some guidelines and resources to help you understand and streamline the process:<h2>When to hire an interpreter or translator&nbsp https://osbplf.org/inpractice/using-interpreters-or-translators/ Video 3: Practice Management Tips for Avoiding Missed Deadlines https://osbplf.org/inpractice/video-3--practice-management-tips-for-avoiding-missed-deadlines/ <p>This short video, the last in a 3-part series focusing on missed deadlines, expands on the previous videos to provide additional suggestions from Practice Management Advisor Rachel Edwards for how to avoid missing deadlines, ranging from cal https://osbplf.org/inpractice/video-3--practice-management-tips-for-avoiding-missed-deadlines/ Video 2: Why are Deadlines Being Missed: (And Tips from a Claims Attorney for Avoiding Missed Deadlines) https://osbplf.org/inpractice/video-2--why-are-deadlines-being-missed--and-tips-from-a-claims-attorney-for-avoiding-missed-deadlines/ <p>This short video, the second in a 3-part series focusing on missed deadlines, discusses from the perspective of PLF claims attorney Maureen DeFrank, the most common reasons the PLF sees deadlines being missed. It also provides various tips f https://osbplf.org/inpractice/video-2--why-are-deadlines-being-missed--and-tips-from-a-claims-attorney-for-avoiding-missed-deadlines/ Video 1: Introduction to the Oregon Statutory Time Limitations Handbook https://osbplf.org/inpractice/video-1--introduction-to-the-oregon-statutory-time-limitations-handbook/ <p>This short video, the first in a 3-part series focusing on missed deadlines, explains how to navigate and understand the publication titled &ldquo;Oregon Statutory Time Limitations Handbook,&rdquo; published jointly by the Profession https://osbplf.org/inpractice/video-1--introduction-to-the-oregon-statutory-time-limitations-handbook/ Avoiding Malpractice https://osbplf.org/inpractice/avoiding-malpractice/ Loss prevention is the chief focus for the Practice Management Advisor program, which is carried out by four attorney practice management advisors or PMAs. Since the PMA program is within the Professional Liability Fund, the loss contemplated is malp https://osbplf.org/inpractice/avoiding-malpractice/ Considerations for Contract Lawyers and Firms Who Outsource https://osbplf.org/inpractice/considerations-for-contract-lawyers-and-firms-who-outsource/ The gig economy isn&rsquo;t just for Uber and Lyft drivers.&nbsp; Many lawyers make ends meet through legal work on a temporary basis, and many firms are willing to outsource discrete legal tasks.&nbsp; So-called contract work can benefit https://osbplf.org/inpractice/considerations-for-contract-lawyers-and-firms-who-outsource/ The Fraud of a “Perfect” Job Candidate https://osbplf.org/inpractice/the-fraud-of-a-perfect”-job-candidate-/ <h3 style="margin-top: 3px;"><strong><span style="font-weight:normal">The Perfect Candidate</span></strong></h3>A law firm in Oregon, whom I will call Alpha Beta Charlie (&ldquo;ABC&rdqu https://osbplf.org/inpractice/the-fraud-of-a-perfect”-job-candidate-/ The Fake Law Firm Scam https://osbplf.org/inpractice/the-fake-law-firm-scam/ You may have heard about so many frauds that you are tired of listening. As a lawyer, you may avoid falling victim to fraud by being hyper-vigilant, by refusing to click on popup windows, or by refraining from opening unexpected attachments that coul https://osbplf.org/inpractice/the-fake-law-firm-scam/ Electronic Payment Processing Software for Law Firms https://osbplf.org/inpractice/electronic-payment-processing-software-for-law-firms/ Payment by cash and paper checks is becoming a less common form of payment. Providing clients with the ability to pay electronically using a credit or debit card or an eCheck is now standard business practice. Many clients assume that a law firm will https://osbplf.org/inpractice/electronic-payment-processing-software-for-law-firms/ To Sell or Not to Sell as a Solo https://osbplf.org/inpractice/to-sell-or-not-to-sell-as-a-solo/ Selling a firm is no simple task, especially if you are a sole practitioner.&nbsp; Not every firm is meant to be sold, as not every firm has transferable assets that might appeal to buyers: a &ldquo;book of business&rdquo; carrying reliab https://osbplf.org/inpractice/to-sell-or-not-to-sell-as-a-solo/