OSB - InPractice https://osbplf.org/inpractice.xml OSB - Professional Liability Fund http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss en-us Thu, 27 Feb 2020 02:55:26 -0700 podcasts@osbplf.org (OSB PLF Podcast) Thu, 27 Feb 2020 02:55:26 -0700 How to Prevent Losing Track of Your Client https://osbplf.org/inpractice/how-to-prevent-losing-track-of-your-client/ <i>&ldquo;We sent a letter to our client regarding settlement and it was returned with no forwarding address.&rdquo;</i> <br /><i>&ldquo;I am trying to close my trust account and I still have $500 belonging to a c https://osbplf.org/inpractice/how-to-prevent-losing-track-of-your-client/ What the Doctors Order for 2020 https://osbplf.org/inpractice/what-the-doctors-order-for-2020/ Let&rsquo;s start 2020 off with some wishful thinking: if only there were a silver bullet to solve all issues that lead to legal malpractice claims. Wouldn&rsquo;t that be great? If only lawyers were better at calendaring deadlines. If only l https://osbplf.org/inpractice/what-the-doctors-order-for-2020/ Client Intake: Making it More Effective and Efficient https://osbplf.org/inpractice/client-intake--making-it-more-effective-and-efficient/ Client intake is an important process within a law firm. Just as with other industries and in our personal lives, first impressions speak volumes. According to the 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report, 42% of consumers surveyed say that if they like the fir https://osbplf.org/inpractice/client-intake--making-it-more-effective-and-efficient/ Firm Management: When It's Time for Tough Conversations https://osbplf.org/inpractice/firm-management--when-its-time-for-tough-conversations/ Despite popular beliefs about lawyers, a great majority of them are conflict avoidant and risk averse. Managing a firm can be difficult when it&rsquo;s time to have tough conversations. <br /> <br />Here are a couple of common scena https://osbplf.org/inpractice/firm-management--when-its-time-for-tough-conversations/ You May Be Needed Elsewhere: How a Market Analysis Can Help https://osbplf.org/inpractice/you-may-be-needed-elsewhere--how-a-market-analysis-can-help-/ For lawyers who want to open their own law practice, here is something to consider: examine the market you want to practice in. Doing a market analysis is an essential first step to opening any business. <br /> <br />Opening shop in an https://osbplf.org/inpractice/you-may-be-needed-elsewhere--how-a-market-analysis-can-help-/ Loss Prevention Resources https://osbplf.org/inpractice/loss-prevention-resources/ The PLF&rsquo;s loss prevention department provides assistance to Oregon lawyers in a variety of ways. Remember to take advantage of our resources at every opportunity: <ol> <li><u>Practice Management Attorneys</u> & https://osbplf.org/inpractice/loss-prevention-resources/ Better Beginnings for Onboarding New Clients https://osbplf.org/inpractice/better-beginnings-for-onboarding-new-clients/ Lawyer-client relationships deserve good beginnings. Good beginnings may seem unachievable on the days when we are strapped for time and feel pressed to get to the lawyering. Relax. Let&rsquo;s strive for better beginnings for onboarding new clie https://osbplf.org/inpractice/better-beginnings-for-onboarding-new-clients/ Banking Features That Can Help Safeguard Your Trust Account https://osbplf.org/inpractice/banking-features-that-can-help-safeguard-your-trust-account/ In response to the increasing volume and sophistication of financial fraud, many banks offer services, settings, and tools that can add security to any account &ndash; including your trust account.&nbsp; But some bank employees aren&rsquo https://osbplf.org/inpractice/banking-features-that-can-help-safeguard-your-trust-account/ What Can Yard Work Teach Lawyers about Project Management? https://osbplf.org/inpractice/what-can-yard-work-teach-lawyers-about-project-management-/ Anne, the owner of a two-attorney law firm and a single mother of two children, pulls into her driveway after a busy and stressful day at the office. She looks at her front yard full of patches of dead grass, weeds, and random yard debris. Her eyes g https://osbplf.org/inpractice/what-can-yard-work-teach-lawyers-about-project-management-/ Using Interpreters or Translators https://osbplf.org/inpractice/using-interpreters-or-translators/ If you find yourself involved in a matter that may require the use of an interpreter or translator, below are some guidelines and resources to help you understand and streamline the process:<h2>When to hire an interpreter or translator&nbsp https://osbplf.org/inpractice/using-interpreters-or-translators/