Elevate Mental Health and Well-Being Month | Week 4 – Social Well-Being: Connection

Elevate Mental Health and Well-Being Month | Week 4 – Social Well-Being: Connection

Much has been written about the link between lawyers and social connection. We score low on measures of the sociability trait according to research by Dr. Larry Richard; according to a 2018 study, law is the loneliest profession; and our lack of social connection puts us at risk for increased stress and distorted thoughts. For many of us, learning to form professional and personal connections as adults is an area with room for growth.

Join the OAAP team this Wednesday, May 22nd from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. for a conversation about connection in the loneliest profession. We expect this presentation to qualify for a 1-hour MHSU credit. These Well-Being Wednesday conversations are participatory and interactive, so please feel free to share your thoughts.

Things to watch, read, and listen to:

We spend a great deal of time at our jobs. For some of us, creating connection there comes with ease, while for others, forming relationships with coworkers is a challenge. See this article for ideas on creating connections at work.

See these ideas on how to incorporate playfulness into relationships.

For tangible strategies for building more social connections, see this NPR article on 5 things to do when you move to a new place (relevant to building friendships anytime and anywhere, not just after a move).

Read a great book on the importance of connection by 19th Surgeon General Vivik Murthy, MD.  

Things to do:

Sign up for this CLE on the power of connection in the legal profession.

Try some ideas to increase social connection from the CDC.

Reach out to the OAAP to learn about upcoming groups and events that offer opportunities for connection.

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