OSB Professional Liability Fund

Board of Directors

As an independently managed subdivision of the Oregon State Bar, the PLF is governed by a board of Directors appointed by the OSB Board of Governors.  The PLF Board is comprised of nine members from across Oregon.  Seven of our directors are Oregon attorneys, and two are public members.  The 2018 directors are listed below.  For more information about the PLF Board of Directors and the scheduled meetings, please contact us.

Board Members


Saville W. Easley

Easley Family Law, LLC
1500 SW First Avenue, Suite 900
Portland, OR 97201

Robert S. Raschio

Law Office of Robert Raschio, PC
206 S. Humbolt Street
Canyon City, OR 97820

Molly Jo Mullen

Portland, OR

Tom Newhouse

(Public Member)

Holly N. Mitchell

Duffy Kekel LLP
111 SW Fifth Ave., Suite 1500
Portland, OR 97204

Megan I. Livermore

Hutchinson Cox, PC
940 Willamette St., Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97440

Susan Marmaduke

Harrang Long Gary Rudnick, P.C.
1001 SW 5th Ave 16th Floor
Portland, OR 97204
503 242-0000

Gina Anne Johnnie

Sherman Sherman Johnnie & Hoyt LLP
Salem, OR 97308

Patrick Hocking

(Public Member)
Medford, OR