Coverage Plan

The PLF Primary Coverage Plan responds to claims arising from the private practice of law. The scope of coverage is limited by exclusions and other Plan provisions. Currently the limits are $300,000 per claim and $300,000 for all claims made against each covered party each year. Those limits are inclusive of claims defense and indemnity costs. In addition, there is a $75,000 expense allowance included with the coverage, available only for defense costs. There is no deductible. Coverage renews on a calendar-year basis.

PLF coverage begins when an Oregon State Bar member, whose principal office is in Oregon, enters private practice. When an OSB member leaves PLF coverage, the remaining limits from the last year of PLF coverage will be available for future claims made against the Bar member for work they did while participating in PLF coverage. This is called extended reporting coverage (ERC) or “tail” coverage.  


Tail Coverage

Extended Reporting Coverage (ERC or “tail” coverage) for your PLF coverage begins automatically after termination of private practice and continues indefinitely to cover any claims that arise after you exit the private practice of law. There is no charge for this extended coverage. Lifetime coverage limits for ERC are equal to the unused limits in place the last year you had active coverage with the PLF (for 2024 these limits are $300,000/$75,000). These limits do not renew each year. 

For detailed information on ERC, reference Section XIII of the PLF Primary Coverage Plan


Coverage Plan Archives

PLF Primary Coverage Plans from the past five years are available in PDF format below.  Primary Coverage Plans from years not shown below are available upon request.

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