Practicing law can be challenging. Managing a law practice entails further responsibilities and complexities, carrying added risks for practitioners. Fortunately, Oregon State Bar members have a unique and highly qualified resource in the PLF’s long-established and nationally recognized Practice Management Assistance Program (PMAP) that helps mitigate malpractice risk and enhance enjoyment of practicing law.

Through the PMAP, the PLF practice management attorneys (PMAs) assist and educate lawyers, licensed paralegals, and law office staff around the state in all aspects of law practice management and malpractice prevention. People may call a PMA with any questions related to the management of their law office. They may also make an appointment for a phone, in-person, or videoconference meeting with a PMA for free and confidential assistance with opening or closing a law practice, departing or joining a firm, streamlining office systems and procedures, improving client relations, trust accounting, and other topics. The PMAs also present CLEs and other educational programs, write and blog for various legal publications, and help develop and maintain resources that assist legal professionals in their practices.

The PMAs are committed to helping practitioners by meeting them where they are and being responsive to their practice management needs. The PMAs' patience, compassion, and capacity to relate with individuals from all different backgrounds helps put people at ease and facilitates increased learning and implementation of the PMA's guidance. We encourage you to read more about the PMAs below and reach out to them to connect!

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