In May 2023, Oregon enacted a law (SB 306) to create the pathway for a new type of legal licensure for qualifying paralegals. Similar to a nurse practitioner, these new professionals will be licensed to perform limited-scope legal work on some family law and landlord-tenant matters. The Oregon State Bar is accepting applications for licensed paralegals and began issuing licenses in January 2024. The Professional Liability Fund is pleased to welcome these new OSB members to our program.

Coverage Requirement

To ensure that licensed paralegals and the clients they serve are protected, the law requires them to carry malpractice coverage through the PLF if they are engaged in private practice with a principal office in Oregon. The coverage provided to licensed paralegals is the same as the coverage provided to attorneys—the primary coverage limits, claims expense allowance, and assessment are the same for each OSB member. Your PLF primary coverage limits are $300,000 per claim or $300,000 in the aggregate for multiple claims made against you in any plan year. In addition, there is a $75,000 claims expense allowance included with the coverage, available for defense costs. In 2024, the assessment for your PLF primary coverage is $3,500. All new admittees to the Oregon bar are eligible for a discount in the first 36 months of PLF coverage.

For more information about how to begin coverage and pay your PLF assessment, see “How to Begin Coverage – Licensed Paralegals” under Do I Need Coverage? You can view the 2024 PLF Primary Coverage Plan under What Is My Coverage?

Services and Resources

In addition to malpractice coverage, licensed paralegals have full access to the PLF's nationally recognized support services that the Oregon legal community has enjoyed for nearly 50 years. Those benefits include free and confidential practice management assistance through the PLF practice management attorneys, claims assistance by the PLF claims attorneys, a wide range of legal education and resources, and the free and confidential services of the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program that helps lawyers, judges, licensed paralegals, and law students with well-being and personal challenges.

Visit How We Help to learn more about PLF services available to Oregon legal professionals. Explore the many different CLEs & Resources the PLF maintains to assist practitioners, including CLEs, practice aids, toolkits, blogs, newsletters, and books.


If you have questions about beginning your coverage or paying your PLF assessment, please contact the PLF Accounting Department at or 503.924.1771 for assistance. If you have questions about your PLF coverage, contact Emilee Preble at or Heather Bowman at or call 503.639.6911. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.