Beginning in 2013, the PLF added a Cyber Liability & Breach Response Endorsement (“Endorsement”) to all PLF Excess Coverage plans. The Endorsement provides coverage for information security and privacy liability, privacy breach response services, regulatory defense and penalties, website media content liability, cyber extortion, and crisis management and public relations services. The Endorsement covers many claims that would otherwise be excluded under both PLF primary and excess plans.  The 2024 Cyber Liability and Breach Response Endorsement is available here.

Limits Available

The limits provided under the Endorsement are different than the Excess Coverage limits purchased by a law firm.  Limits under the Endorsement depend entirely on the size of the law firm:
  • $100,000 for firms with 1-10 attorneys
  • $250,000 for firms with 11 or more attorneys

If your law firm requires higher limits for cyber liability, please contact us at as those limits are available on a separately underwritten basis.