Activate Coverage Midyear

If you have previously been exempt from PLF coverage and are now entering private practice with a principal office in Oregon, you will need to activate your PLF coverage. To activate coverage, you may complete the online form linked below or call the PLF Accounting Department. For coverage activation, you will need to provide your bar number, effective date (date you need coverage to begin), and a billing address. If your online activation request is incomplete and we are unable to process your request, you will receive notification that you must call the Accounting Department.

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Previously Purchased Coverage? 
Request a Midyear Exemption

You should file this request only if you previously purchased PLF coverage in the current plan year and are now claiming an exemption from coverage and refund of the prorated assessment.

You may be entitled to proration of your PLF assessment if you leave private practice in Oregon midyear and qualify for exemption from PLF coverage. PLF Policy 3.400  This means you may be entitled to a partial refund of any assessment already paid and will not be responsible for any future installment payments. To qualify, you must file the Midyear Prorated Exemption Request form with the PLF.

Click on the button below to submit the online form or download a paper copy here. For help with the process of leaving private practice, including notifying clients, transitioning files, and closing your office, please contact the PLF practice management attorneys.

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About Midyear Exemptions

On occasion, OSB members who should claim exemption from PLF coverage pay the annual assessment in error. This can include Bar members who engage only in exempt activities, who are not engaged in the private practice of law, or whose principal office is outside Oregon (pursuant to ORS 9.080(2)(c) and PLF Policy 3.180). OSB members are expected to be familiar with the rules governing PLF coverage, and those who pay the assessment in error will not receive any coverage as a result. If you have paid a PLF assessment in error, you are entitled to receive a refund for the current plan year and the prior plan year assessments paid in error. You will not be refunded service charges (installment service charges) or late fees. No more than two plan years will be included in the refund calculation. Please contact the Accounting Department for assistance.
If your status changes from one exemption category to another during the calendar year, you do not need to notify the PLF. 

If you change from exempt to non-exempt status at any time during the calendar year, please contact the PLF Accounting Department immediately for a prorated bill, or click on the button below to activate your coverage online.

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If you have had PLF coverage and subsequently claim an exemption, you will automatically receive Extended Reporting Coverage (ERC), sometimes called “tail” coverage, at no charge. For more detailed information on ERC, refer to PLF Policy 3.620.