This audio recording consists of the following segments that were presented in the general session room on Day 1:

PLF Overview (.5 Oregon Practice and Procedure credit)
Learn about the Professional Liability Fund (PLF) and your legal malpractice coverage, both at the primary and optional excess levels..

Megan I. Livermore, Professional Liability Fund Chief Executive Officer
Emilee Preble, PLF Director of Administration & Underwriting

Introduction to Claims and Risk Management (1 Oregon Practice and Procedure credit)
Get a general overview of the PLF’s claims and risk management departments, the services the offer and what to do when you make a mistake.

Matthew A. Borrillo, Professional Liability Fund Director of Claims
Hong Dao, Professional Liability Fund Director of Practice Management Assistance Program

Regulation of Lawyer Conduct in Oregon (1 Ethics Credit - Oregon Specific)
Get to know the Oregon State Bar and revisit your ethical duties of loyalty, competence, and integrity as lawyers.  

 Linn D. Davis, Oregon State Bar Assistant General Counsel and Client Assistance Office

Professionalism: Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are (1 Ethics Credit - Oregon Specific)
Understand the concept of professionalism from a judge's perspective, where even your pet would take pride in your conduct.

The Honorable John V. Acosta, United States Magistrate Judge
The Honorable Eric L. Dahlin, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge

Civil Motion Practice (.75 Practical Skills - Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
Learn about the most common civil motions you will likely come across in state court and how to handle them.

Laura Caldera Loera, Bullivant Houser Bailey PC

Family Law (.75 Practical Skills - Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
Explore practical tips and unique features in Domestic Relations as shared by a lawyer reflecting on lessons she wished she had known earlier in her practice.

Amanda C. Thorpe, Cauble & Whittington LLP

Criminal Law (.75 Practical Skills - Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
Discover the day-to-day realities of criminal law practice and compelling reasons to pursue this dynamic area of law.

Justin N. Rosas, The Law Office of Justin Rosas

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mandated and Voluntary, (1 Practical Skill – Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
Explore the array of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options for resolving conflict and understand when ADR may be mandatory or voluntary.

Lisa C. Brown, Lisa Brown Dispute Resolution

Total MCLE Credit: 4.75 Oregon Practice and Procedure credits and 2 Ethics – Oregon Specific Credits


Topic: Practice Management
Date: 11/07/2023
Credits:4.75 - ORPP, 2 - ETH-OR
Format: MP3
OSB CLE Event ID:102827
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