This audio recording consists of the following segments that were presented in the general session on Day 3:

Courtroom Do’s and Don’ts(1 Practical Skill – Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
Hear about successful protocols and procedures that can help you navigate the courtroom effectively and make the most out of your legal proceedings.

The Honorable Adrian L. Brown, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge
The Honorable Benjamin Souede, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge

Tips, Traps, and Tools for Navigating Negotiations and Professional Relationships (.5 Practical Skill – Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
Learn the basics of successful negotiations, how to find common ground, and how to achieve your desired outcomes while fostering positive relationships with your counterparts.

Richard Vangelisti, Vangelisti Mediation

Lawyering for Clients with Diverse Needs (1.5 Introductory Access to Justice Credits)
Gain practical tips and advice on representing a diverse range of clients, including minors, aging clients, and members of the LGBTQ community; understand their unique needs and challenges so you can provide them with the quality legal representation they deserve.

Darin J. Dooley, Draneas Huglin Dooley LLC
Talia Y. Guerriero, Albies Stark & Guerriero
Jennifer A. McGowan, Youth Rights and Justice                           

Total MCLE Credit: 2 Practical Skills - Oregon Practice and Procedure Credits and 1.5 Introductory Access to Justice Credits


Topic: Practice Management
Date: 11/09/2023
Credits:1.5 - ORPP, 1.5 - AJI
Format: MP3
OSB CLE Event ID:102827
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