Supervising attorneys and law professors can often feel challenged in creating mentoring and other helpful relationships with newer attorneys and law students, which may be exacerbated by working remotely and physical distancing due to COVID-19.

In this one-hour presentation, attendees will learn:

  • How to focus on healthy communication, organization, and strategies to help them assist newer attorneys and law students to stay on track.
  • How to effectively use friends, colleagues, mentors, therapists, and the OAAP to create a support team.
  • How to help attorneys and students feel less isolated, and create an environment that breaks stigma by providing a platform for asking for help and giving mentoring.
  • How to help address the stressors related to unknowns, grieving COVID-19-related losses, isolation, and (for some) the challenge of not having any free or alone time.
  • Healthy and effective communication techniques, including normalizing asking for help and encouraging regular check-ins.
This CLE is presented by OAAP Attorney Counselors Shari R. Pearlman, LCSW, JD and Douglas Querin, JD, LPC, CADC I.

(MCLE Credit Extended to 9/16/2026)

Topic: Mental Health and Substance Use
Date: 09/16/2020
Credits:1 - MHSU
Format: Streaming Video
OSB CLE Event ID:70836
Program Materials:Download Program Materials

Streaming Video

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