Day 2: Opening a Solo Practice Track - 2022 Learning The Ropes

This audio recording consists of the following segments that were presented in the general session on Day 2:

Essential Guide to Practice Management (1.5 Practical Skills - Oregon Practice and Procedure Credits)
Learn about the essentials of practice management through topics including trust accounting, attorneys fees, calendaring, conflicts, file management, and safe use of technology.
Rachel Edwards
Monica H. Logan
Isaac Alley
Professional Liability Fund Practice Management Attorneys

Solo Success: Launching your Own Practice (1 Practical Skills – Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
For those choosing to go solo, understanding your choices about marketing, financials, client relations, fees, staff, and support services can lead to your solo success.
Rachel Edwards, Professional Liability Fund Practice Management Attorney
Solo Success: Staying the Course (1 Practical Skills – Oregon Practice and Procedure Credit)
Hear from solo practitioners on how they continue to make their solo practice rewarding and financially successful.
Monica Aguilar Campbell, Monica Aguilar Campbell Law Office LLC
Jeffry Hinman, Hinman Law PC
Jessica M. Nomie, Jessica Nomie Law

Pro Bono, Legal Aid, and Other Tools to Reach Justice for All (1.5 Introductory Access to Justice Credits) Legal aid and other pro bono organizations provides free or reduced costs civil legal services to low-income and elderly Oregonians. This seminar will explain how these organizations play a critical role in providing access to justice and a level playing field for low-income people statewide and share opportunities to help.
Maya Crawford Peacock, Executive Director, Campaign for Equal Justice
Jill R. Mallery, Statewide Pro Bono Manager, Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Eric E. McClendon, Oregon State Bar Referral and Information Services Manager
 William C. Penn, Oregon Law Foundation Executive Director and Legal Services Program Assistant Director
Day 2: Lawyer Well Being - 2022 Learning The Ropes

Lawyer Well-Being (1 Mental Health and Substance Use Education Credit)                          
Hear from OAAP attorney counselors on the importance of well-being in the legal profession and how we can help ourselves and our colleagues facing personal challenges.  

Kirsten Blume, JD, MA Candidate, Oregon Attorney Assistance Program Attorney Counselor Associate
Kyra M. Hazilla, JD, LCSW, Oregon Attorney Assistance Program Director and Attorney Counselor                                   
Bryan R. Welch,  JD, CADC I, Oregon Attorney Assistance Program Attorney Counselor

Total MCLE Credit: 1 Mental Health and Substance Use Education Credit

Total MCLE Credit: 3.5 Practical Skills - Oregon Practice and Procedure Credits and 1.5 Introductory Access to Justice Credits, 1 MHSU Credit


Topic: Practice Management
Date: 11/08/2022
Credits:3.5 - PS, 1.5 - AJ, 1 - MHSU
Format: MP3
OSB CLE Event ID:92808
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