Opening Up About Opening Up: Coping with the Transition Back to Social Engagement

As the risk level goes down and more and more attorneys are returning to the office and the courtroom, stress levels are increasing. Many of us have gotten used to the demands of pandemic isolation and our nervous systems are challenged by all of the changes. Please join us as we discuss strategies to help with the struggles of returning to work and other elements of increasing social engagement as well as developing coping skills. This session was presented by the OAAP and the OSB Solo and Small Firm Section and was facilitated by OAAP Attorney Counselor, Kyra Hazilla, JD/LCSW.

Lawyers who attend this one-hour presentation will:

  • Learn about the functioning of our nervous system and why emerging from isolating circumstances can be challenging.
  • Learn to distinguish between caution and avoidance.
  • Learn about resilience and how we can develop new skills to cope with the challenges of our new normal.
  • Learn to harness the healing power of social connectedness.

Topic: Mental Health and Substance Use
Date: 07/21/2021
Credits:1 - MHSU
Format: Streaming Video
OSB CLE Event ID:81790
Program Materials:Download Program Materials

Streaming Video

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