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  • Staying the Course During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    March 20, 2020

    Most law offices are operating with a skeleton crew onsite to receive, sort, scan, and deliver mail that is important for lawyers to continue practicing law by working from home.

    by Sheila Blackford

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  • Get Ready for Any Disaster

    October 05, 2018

    There is nothing like a disaster occurring someplace else to make us pause to appreciate that we are not facing a similar disaster locally. I wonder whether the lawyers in the disaster zone were ready for the devastation to their law firms in the aftermath of the hurricane. I hope so because the disasters we don’t prepare for may bring harm to our clients despite our good intentions otherwise. Now is the perfect time to ensure that we are prepared in our own locale.

    by Sheila Blackford

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  • Playing the What-If Game

    July 13, 2018

    Lawyers are great planners. They are helpful to their clients because they are Grand Masters at the What-if Game: anticipating everything that might get overlooked or go wrong and planning accordingly. Today I’d like the opportunity to be the Grand Master for your professional What-if Game.

    by Sheila Blackford

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  • Protect Your Practice against Disaster

    September 08, 2017

    Oregon has had a devastating fire season this year, and it’s not over yet. Hundreds of firefighters are currently working hard to contain the Amber Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge while also fighting the Chetco Bar Fire, the WhiteWater Fire, and the High Cascade Complex. Let's not forget other natural disasters afflecting different parts of our country. This is a good reminder for lawyers to take steps to protect your practice and livelihood against disasters.

    by Hong Dao

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  • Inclement Weather Conditions and State Court Facilities

    February 24, 2017

    Snow picture
    This past winter has been difficult for many of us to handle, both personally and professionally. Whether it be your commute to and from work, your child’s school schedule, or ensuring sufficient food supply in the pantry, inclement weather conditions can be a stress-inducing phenomenon. It can be especially difficult for attorneys facing deadlines and court appearances if the weather situation does not permit safe travel to and from the court facility.

    by Rachel Edwards

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