Google Business Profiles: Take Advantage of Free Marketing

Google Business Profiles: Take Advantage of Free Marketing

Many marketing tools exist for legal professionals. I have spoken with lawyers over the years who never created a website, instead relying solely on referrals for business. There is no one marketing algorithm because each firm is unique, but there is one free and easy tool that everyone can use.

Google Business Profile is an online listing that your firm can leverage when people are searching for legal help in your geographic area. With a free business profile, potential clients will find information in Google about your legal services and are more likely to click through to your website—or contact you directly—as a result. Here's how it works.

When someone searches for a business by name or services sought, Google delivers localized results in the search and maps. Businesses with an optimal listing show up in what is known as the “three-pack” at the top of the search results. To improve your ranking, you can take certain steps to maximize your profile’s relevance and prominence.

  • Relevance. Relevance refers to how well Google can match your information with a searcher’s inquiry. The best practice is to add complete and detailed information about your firm, giving Google an idea of your practice and services offered to better match your profile with searches.
  • Prominence. Prominence refers to how well-known a business is. Google uses places like famous museums and brands when factoring prominence. Law firms don’t always have a well-known name, but other factors can also increase your prominence, including links from external pages to your website if you have one, client reviews, frequently asked questions, and periodic updates to your profile with things that demonstrate your knowledge and experience.
Google Business Profile is a great way to drive more potential clients to your practice, especially those who are searching for the services you offer in your geographic region. The business profile allows you to highlight important information about your firm, including name, location, hours, contact information, website address, practice areas, photos, and logo. If you work from home and use a P.O. Box or a street address from UPS, you can still create a profile if you make in-person contact with customers. If you are only providing virtual services, you can still set up a Google Business Profile, though there are several considerations and Google may hide your business if it suspects you do not meet those qualifications. Read this discussion to determine whether you meet the requirements.

Additional helpful features on Google Business Profile include a chat feature that enables you to receive messages from potential clients directly through Google. Google also offers the option of putting a “click to call” button next to profiles listed in mobile search results, so potential clients can contact you through a simple click without ever having to visit your site.

Once you have created your profile, be sure to regularly check the analytics. Information to track includes the number of people who clicked through to your website or made a phone call because of the listing, and which search words led people to find your profile.

In short, taking advantage of free marketing opportunities can not only help you bring in more business but also make it easier for potential clients to contact you, improving the overall customer experience from the first click.

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