Well-Being Week in Law: 2022 Sneak Peak

The OAAP is excited to bring you blog posts and resources to enhance your well-being. Each day’s blog post will focus on a different aspect of well-being and will include suggestions to “watch this,” “read this,” and “do this.” You can choose from a veritable buffet of well-being activities all week.

Resources for Connecting During COVID-19

The pandemic has forced us to reexamine how we connect with others. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to create new virtual networking opportunities with colleagues, friends, and family. It is important to maintain those connections and establish new ones; otherwise it has been shown that social isolation can have damaging effects, both personal and professional.

More Resources for Working from Home

Switching to a Work From Home (WFH) law practice is a big adjustment for lawyers and their colleagues, staff, and clients. To help support your efforts to make this go smoother, we have created a new practice aid, “Resources for Working Remotely in the Age of COVID-19.” You’ll find it in our new practice aid category: COVID-19.

Maintain Control by Narrowing Down Your COVID-19 Resources

At times like these, the amount of information available on the topic of COVID-19 can be overwhelming. With the vast number of unknowns and quickly changing landscapes, it can be difficult if not impossible to feel any sense of control. I’ve compiled various resources for you to reference, organized by topic, to provide you with a sense of where to look when you have questions.

Loss Prevention Resources

The PLF's loss prevention department provides assistance to Oregon lawyers in a variety of ways. Remember to take advantage of our resources at every opportunity.

Scrambling for CLE Credits?

December can be a busy month for many lawyers. One of the many tasks lawyers have to perform as they transition from 2018 to 2019 is submitting their MCLE compliance report to the Oregon State Bar. Sometimes lawyers are shocked to find out they are short 10 or more credits and then scramble for CLEs to make up for the shortfall.