New Practice Aids Available on the PLF Website

New Practice Aids Available on the PLF Website

The Professional Liability Fund offers a wide variety of resources to educate and assist lawyers and law office staff. As part of those resources, we maintain and update a library of over 300 forms consisting of checklists, sample letters and pleadings, and other helpful documents. We recently added four new checklists to our website that we encourage you to review:

1. Checklist for Hiring Staff

If you are interested in hiring new staff—attorney or non-attorney—or are curious about onboarding procedures to create a more efficient and comfortable workplace, please take advantage of this checklist. Anneke Haslett, a recruiter and account manager at Legal Northwest Staffing Agency, graciously allowed the PLF to reprint this checklist. This list contains helpful information to support you from pre-onboarding, to the completed hire of your new staff member. This checklist is available on our website here.

2. Checklist for Going Paperless

While it may seem like having a paperless office is fairly standard these days, having one in a maintained and organized fashion is a different story. Even if your office is already paperless, consider reviewing this checklist to determine if there are ways to improve your office systems and procedures to better support a paperless office. This checklist is available on our website here.

3. Checklist for Drafting Engagement Letters

There are several sample engagement letters available to view and download on our website. Go to and click on Engagement Letters and Fee Agreements. This checklist is a helpful tool for tailoring the sample engagement letter to your specific representation, taking into consideration issues including clear identification of the client, scope of engagement, terms of the fee and billing arrangements, client communication guidelines, file retention guidelines, and terms of disengagement. This checklist is available on our website here.

4. Checklist for Migrating Data to New Software

Moving data from one software program to another—otherwise known as data migration—can sometimes be a challenging undertaking to say the least. The goal of this checklist is to hopefully provide a roadmap to make the data migration process simpler and more manageable. Switching programs is often challenging on its own when learning a new system and creating new procedures. However, migrating data can be a manageable part of the process when you follow these steps. This checklist is available on our website here.

Please take advantage of these new resources, in addition to all the additional resources available as part of the Practice Management Assistance Program. You can find more information on our website at Also please reach out to a Practice Management Attorney anytime. Additional information and our website inquiry form is available at

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