Using Video to Support Internal Office Processes

Using Video to Support Internal Office Processes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a one-minute video equals 1.8 million words, according to a report by Microsoft. While video has become ever more ubiquitous in many aspects of modern life, it remains an underutilized tool in law practice. This article will discuss three ways to use video to run a better practice, reduce potential malpractice, and improve your bottom line. It will conclude with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make videos for your staff in Microsoft Teams (included free in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite).

Reason #1: Office Policies and Procedures

Let’s be honest, reading the office policies and procedures manual can feel long and tedious. And since the majority of people don’t have photographic memories, they may invariably need to ask others for a reminder on your firm’s policies and procedures. Herein lies a source of potential malpractice: human error and memory. Failure to stick to office processes – such as conflict checks, calendaring deadlines, and handling client funds – are common sources of potential malpractice. Video is a great tool that can be used to reinforce or refresh this knowledge, and it’s as simple as pressing play.

Reason #2: Onboarding New Employees

It is said that people need to hear something at least seven times until it truly sticks. For new employees, information overload can be a real challenge. Until new staff members are trained and versed in office procedures, onboarding is a cost to your office in both time and service.  Complicating things further, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many offices to incorporate a hybrid or fully remote schedule, which brings its own unique set of challenges in learning to onboard new staff from afar. Once again, this is an area where video can help. Once made, a single video can be used to help onboard all new employees. Just be sure it is easily accessible from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Reason #3: Tutorials

“How do I enter client information in our practice management software again?  Which button do I select to calendar multiple deadlines for a matter?  Where do I find …?” 

Sometimes, technology feels as much a curse as a blessing. It can be burdensome to learn and implement, even if it ultimately leads to a better-run office in the end. Tutorial videos can greatly reduce frustration with technology, as they simply require the viewer to watch, listen, and mimic. The videos should be short and limited to a single function. However, once made, anyone in the office can quickly learn to unlock their own tech with little frustration. And it’s there for future reference. As an added benefit, these projects are a great opportunity to crowdsource your staff’s knowledge and expertise, as anyone can make a tutorial video.

How to Make a Video in Microsoft Teams

As an illustration of how videos can improve your office, below is a tutorial on how to create internal videos in MS Teams (which is included in the MS 365 suite). Watch and consider whether this three-minute video improved your understanding of Teams more efficiently than three minutes spent reading a manual or conversing a knowledgeable colleague – I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease to use, view, and incorporate videos into your firm.


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