Well-Being Week in Law: 2023 Preview

Well-Being Week in Law: 2023 Preview

Monday Marks the Beginning of Well-Being Week in Law and Mental Health Awareness Month.

The OAAP is excited to present resources for Well-Being Week in Law starting Monday, as well as kicking off National Mental Health Awareness Month. Watch our blog each day, May 1-5, to learn strategies, try new practices, connect, be inspired, and inspire others.
Lawyers around the U.S. will be participating in Well-Being Week in Law. Here in Oregon, we have a great community of lawyers, firms, and well-being stakeholders working to promote a shift in our legal culture. Check out the OAAP’s 31-Day Mental Health Challenge calendar HERE with activities for every day of May. Get a group of friends together or a team at your firm and see how many new things you can try.

There are many ways to tend to ourselves and others. Each day of Well-Being Week will include a blog post about a different aspect of well-being, offering activities to watch, read, or do. (Ensure you are subscribed to our blog by clicking HERE.)

Take a look at this preview of the upcoming week!

Monday: Physical Well-Being: Physical activity and tending to our physical health benefits our bodies and our brains. On Monday we present some science-based activities to try as well as a brief yoga practice by the OAAP’s Kirsten Blume, HERE. In addition, our colleagues at the Institute for Well-Being in Law are sponsoring a free webinar on how to supersize the benefits of your physical practice (spoiler alert: move with other people!). Register HERE.

Tuesday: Spiritual Well-Being: According to the research, focusing on our spiritual well-being can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce stress and negative emotions, and increase feelings of peace and contentedness. Tuesday’s blog post will describe different paths to connecting with something larger than ourselves, such as an awe practice, a reading on delight, and a technique to foster joy.

Wednesday: Intellectual & Career Well-Being: Wednesday we will explore the many ways to foster our own intellectual and career well-being, as well as how to improve our work environments to encourage others’ well-being efforts. See our blog for how to incorporate these ideas in your professional life.

Thursday: Social Well-Being: So much great data demonstrates how social connectedness is the most important factor in our well-being. See Thursday’s blog post for strategies to prioritize and foster relationships and nurture social well-being. The Institute for Well-Being in Law is offering another webinar on this day on the importance of friendships. Register HERE.

Friday: Emotional Well-Being: Join us on Friday, May 5, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., for an informal chat about well-being, fostering connections, and how to carry these practices forward. Meet virtually on Zoom with colleagues and OAAP Attorney Counselors Bryan Welch, Doug Querin, and Kyra Hazilla. More info is HERE.

We hope this week will serve as a springboard to enhance your well-being practices, and we can’t wait to see you on Friday!

Take good care,

Kyra Hazilla, JD, LCSW
OAAP Director and Attorney Counselor

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